Important Instructions
    • No cadet will put on clothes other than those issued/specified by the college.
    • No cadet will go to any other place other than selected mosque in prayer dress.
    • No cadet will wear tie-pins, rings, or any ornaments except a simple chain and ear-ring in case of female cadets.
    • Cadets going outside the campus for purpose connected with the study will put on dress as prescribed by the authority.
    • Male cadets will have haircut at least twice in a month.
    • Female cadets will take special care to use hair-clips, hair-pins and ribbon etc. appropriately to manage their hair. They will not come to college premises with untidy hair.
    • Male cadets will not be allowed to keep beard without permission.
    • In the college premises no cadet will put on any glasses other than the prescribed one by the ophthalmologist